Staying Alive in Year Five

I recomend this book for all kids over the age of seven because it is amazing and it has things you would never suspect. Staying Alive in Year Five is very funny and interesting. I love it because I get curious about what will happen next.

So if your looking for a book to read. Staying Alive in Year Five is the best. Hope you Enjoy it. : )

Boy Overboard

In class we learnt about metaphors and similies. We had to read the first chapter of boy overboard and discuss the language devices and predictions.

Boy Overboard is a really good book and the first chapter makes you want to read it more because the book makes you curious about what else might happen. It is about Jamal and Bibi wanting to become soccer stars and to help there family but they is a lot of trouble ahead.

What season is it?

My Other Self
By Milly J

School Report – 15 April 2015

You walk outside the fresh air hits you. So you go for a run and feel the soft wind rippling through your hair. Looking around you see the brown, orange and golden leaves leaving the tree and falling like a dandelion floating to the ground. The mornings mist still hangs in air. Freely running on the road, all you hear is your feet hitting the moisture ground.
Nothing bothering you, no cares or jobs or anything. You turn the corner and pass watery green grass paddocks. Your nearly home and just before you get there you see little girls and boys grabbing rakes and putting the leaves into piles then jumping in them. Up the driveway, you run and open the door. Time to go outside and just lay on the grass. You stare at the decorative clouds and think what a wonderful day it has been. THE END

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About me

Hi I’m Milly. For those of you who don’t know me here are a few facts.

I am 11 yrs old and I adore animals, my hobbies are moterbike riding and horseback riding. I love to have fun and enjoy times.

So check out my blog for amazing stuff that we are doing in grade 6.

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